We can distinguish three types of enterprises operating with the use of “nanotechnology”: manufacturers of nanoparticles, companies that use nanoparticles and companies that mediate nanoparticles trading. By far the least is the producers, which include ITP-System. The unprecedented properties of nanoparticles make growing interests of using nanoparticles in various goods production.

Both in Poland and in the World there is a growing interest in nanotechnology, but there are limited amount of companies with their own knowledge and technologies to produce nanoparticles, which is why we encourage you to cooperate with our company. It is very difficult to find another, equally experienced company that has the competence to implement nanotechnology, which makes us proud and allows us to constantly work on the expand our offer.

There are also many companies that impersonate to nanotechnology, but in true have nothing to do with nanotechnology. This is particularly evident from the perspective of the nanosilver market, where are many distributors of the so-called “silver water”, “nanocolloids” and other products that are not in any way related to nanotechnology and are using limited knowledge of customers.