Broad availability of cheap spray paints cause that graffiti problem affects each city in whole world. Graffiti could be maked in moment, and stay unaffected for years. It makes that phenomenon very popular in vandals groups. Spraying paint penetrates deeply surface, and strongly binds with materials. Paint is also resistant to commonly used cleaners and detergents. It makes that problem very burdensome. Graffiti cleaners present in the marked generally contain volatile organic  compounds (VOCs). Most of them are toxic for humans and environment.

The ITP-System laboratory in response to these needs has created innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for this problem. They are: ecological paint removers and efficient coatings, reducing paint adhesion and significantly facilitating its removal.

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Product nameApplicationComments
GRAFFITI CLEANEREco-friendly paint remover from smooth and porous surfacesA product that is safe for most surfaces, including plexiglass; fully biodegradable product
PU REMOVERVery strong, eco-friendly paint remover from smooth and porous surfacesThe product also removes the remains of assembly foams; fully biodegradable product
ANTIGRAFFITI PROPermanent coating for mineral surfaces enabling graffiti removal using a pressure washerA breathable coating that also prevents placement of posters
ANTIGRAFFITI COATA durable coating that protects mineral surfaces against paint sticking, facilitating its removal using removersBreathable coating