Viral, bacterial and fungal infections have accompanied mankind since its inception. Despite technological progress, fighting them has never been easy. Despite their small size, all these pathogens have great adaptability and are prone to spontaneous changes (mutations). For this reason, we have to deal with new epidemiological threats every few years. Fortunately, there are effective methods of defense against them – cleanliness and hygiene.

Disinfectants also effectively support us in the fight against pathogens. Some of them play the role of direct protection measures that can be used directly on the skin and surrounding objects. In order for them to be used in such a range, they must meet the sublime safety standards for the body and the environment.

The formal requirements related to the admission of biocidal products to the market are extensive and their fulfillment requires excellent technical knowledge and substantive preparation.

Our team provides services consisting in the development of viral, bacterial, algal and fungicidal products using a wide range of biocides. Our portfolio of active substances allows us to obtain a biocidal effect for practically any application. We can flexibly adapt the formulation to the customer’s requirements.

In addition, we help our clients obtain registration of biocidal products as well as mediate in the product testing process. As one of the few companies in Poland, despite the prevailing epidemiological situation, we have the opportunity to conduct microbiological tests on viruses, including BCV (Bovine Coronavirus). The performed tests are carried out in accordance with the applicable European standards, corresponding to the requirements for biocides existing in the European Union.

As one of the leading producers of nanocompounds in the European Union, we offer the possibility of combining the composition of biocidal products with nanomaterials that act as auxiliary substances.

We also sell ready-to-use preparations for hygienic hand disinfection as well as for rooms and vehicles didinfection from  SILVERSEPT product line.

We are able to create and register biocidal products corresponding to the product groups presented in the table:


Product group


Main group 1 - Disinfectants
These product types exclude cleaning products that are not intended to have a biocidal effect, including washing liquids, powders and similar products.
Gr. 1Human hygiene

Products in this group are biocidal products used for human hygiene purposes, applied on or in contact with human skin or scalps for the primary purpose of disinfecting the skin or scalp.

Gr. 2Disinfectants and algaecides not intended for direct application to humans or animals

Used for the disinfection of surfaces, materials, equipment and furniture which are not used for direct contact with food or feeding stuffs. Usage areas include, inter alia, swimming pools, aquariums, bathing and other waters; air conditioning systems; and walls and floors in private, public, and industrial areas and in other areas for professional activities.

Used for disinfection of air, water not used for human or animal consumption, chemical toilets, waste water, hospital waste and soil.

Used as algaecides for treatment of swimming pools, aquariums and other waters and for remedial treatment of construction materials.

Used to be incorporated in textiles, tissues, masks, paints and other articles or materials with the purpose of producing treated articles with disinfecting properties.

Gr. 3Veterinary hygiene

Used for veterinary hygiene purposes such as disinfectants, disinfecting soaps, oral or corporal hygiene products or with anti-microbial function.

Used to disinfect the materials and surfaces associated with the housing or transportation of animals.

Gr. 4Food and feed area

Used for the disinfection of equipment, containers, consumption utensils, surfaces or pipework associated with the production, transport, storage or consumption of food or feed (including drinking water) for humans and animals.

Used to impregnate materials which may enter into contact with food.

Gr. 5Drinking water

Used for the disinfection of drinking water for both humans and animals.

Kategoria 2 - Środki do konserwacji
O ile nie przewidziano inaczej, te grupy produktowe obejmują jedynie produkty zapobiegające rozwojowi mikroorganizmów i glonów.

Gr. 6Preservatives for products during storage

Used for the preservation of manufactured products, other than foodstuffs, feeding stuffs, cosmetics or medicinal products or medical devices by the control of microbial deterioration to ensure their shelf life.
Used as preservatives for the storage or use of rodenticide, insecticide or other baits.

Gr. 7Film preservatives

Used for the preservation of films or coatings by the control of microbial deterioration or algal growth in order to protect the initial properties of the surface of materials or objects such as paints, plastics, sealants, wall adhesives, binders, papers, art works.

Gr. 8Wood preservatives

Used for the preservation of wood, from and including the saw-mill stage, or wood products by the control of wood-destroying or wood-disfiguring organisms, including insects. This product type includes both preventive and curative products.

Gr. 9Fibre, leather, rubber and polymerised materials preservatives

Used for the preservation of fibrous or polymerised materials, such as leather, rubber or paper or textile products by the control of microbiological deterioration.
This product-type includes biocidal products which antagonise the settlement of micro-organisms on the surface of materials and therefore hamper or prevent the development of odour and/or offer other kinds of benefits.

Gr. 10Construction material preservatives

Used for the preservation of masonry, composite materials, or other construction materials other than wood by the control of microbiological and algal attack.

Gr. 11Preservatives for liquid-cooling and processing systems

Used for the preservation of water or other liquids used in cooling and processing systems by the control of harmful organisms such as microbes, algae and mussels.
Products used for the disinfection of drinking water or of water for swimming pools are not included in this product-type.

Gr. 12Slimicides

Used for the prevention or control of slime growth on materials, equipment and structures, used in industrial processes, e.g. on wood and paper pulp, porous sand strata in oil extraction.

Gr. 13Working or cutting fluid preservatives

Products to control microbial deterioration in fluids used for working or cutting metal, glass or other materials.