Cleaning products:

Product nameInformations about productApplication
AFCActive foam for cars initial cleaningCar body and windshields
AFC PROHighly concentrated active foam for car cleaningCar body and windshields
ALU CLEANERAluminium cleaner with brightening effectCar body and windshields
APCUniversal cleanerInterior
CLAY LUBECar clay lubeCar body and windshields
CLIA/C installations cleanerInterior
CSCar shampooCar body and windshields
CS WAXCar shampoo with waxCar body and windshields
DECStubborn dirt remover (asphalt, tree sap etc.)Car body and windshields
FRESHRefresher with unpleasant odour removing propertiesInterior
IPAIsopropyl alcohol for surfaces degreasingCar body and windshields
LEATHER FOAMFoam for leather cleaningInterior
NANOCLAY PRODeatailing clayCar body and windshields
RAPID NFStrongly emulgating remover of greasy dirtCar body and windshields
SCREENLCD, LED screens and glasses cleanerInterior
SHINEGlass and mirrors cleanerInterior
STARDUST ELITEUniversal polishing compound for car bodyCar body and windshields
TEXTILETextiles cleanerInterior
Wheel cleaner with rusting removers and „bleeding effect”Car body and windshields
Shampoo for waterless cleaningCar body and windshields
WAX REMOVERProduct for wax removing from car bodyCar body and windshields
WHEEL CLEANERWheel cleanerCar body and windshields
WHEEL CLEANER ULTRAStrong basic wheel cleaner. For professional use only!Car body and windshields

Coatings and impregnates:

Product nameInformations about productApplication
ANTIFOGAntifogging coatingInterior
BEESWAX POLISHHard wax for classic cars with beeswaxCar body and windshield
CARNAUBA QUICK DETAILERQuick detailer based on Carnauba waxCar body and windshield
CARNAUBA WAXHard wax for cars based on 30% Carnauba waxCar body and windshield
COBALTCoating for metal and metallized surfacesCar body and windshield
COLOR WAX POLISHHard wax for color refreshing (various colors available)Car body and windshield
CRYSTALEco-friendly hydrophobic coating for glassCar body and windshield
DIAMOND PROHydrophobic and dirt-repellent coating for car bodyCar body and windshield
DIAMOND WAXHydrowax for fast protection of car bodyCar body and windshield
F-T SYNTHETIC WAXHard wax for cars based on synthetic F-T waxCar body and windshield
GLOSSImpregnate for interior plastics with satin glossInterior
HYBRID WAX POLISHHard wax for cars based on synthetic and natural waxesCar body and windshield
LEATHERCoating for leather, suede, nubuckInterior
OBSIDIAN 9H+Ceramic coating with 9H hardness for car body and windshieldCar body and windshield
OBSIDIAN TOP COATTop coat for ceramic coatingsCar body and windshield
ONYXDurable hydrophobic coatign for glass and glazed ceramics wit anti-fingerprint effectCar body and windshield
TYREDressing for tires in gel formOpony
TYRE GELDressing for tiresOpony
VELVETHydrophobic coatings for textilesInterior
VINYLExterior plastics impregnateCar body and windshield
WHEEL WAXHard wax for wheel and rims protectionCar body and windshield

Self service car wash products:

Product nameInformations about productApplication
I-ACTIVATORHigly concentrated active foam for prewashCar body and windshields
I-AFCHigly concentrated active foam for general cleaningCar body and windshields
I-CSEfficient car shampoo for general cleaning with brushCar body and windshields
I-DEGHighly concentrated product for rims cleaningCar body and windshields
I-WAXBlend of advanced waxes for drying, glossing and car body protectionCar body and windshields

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