Ceramic graphene coating for the car body is now available!

The OBSIDIAN GRAPHENE nanocomposite ceramic coating was created thanks to the combining of a new-generation ceramic coating with superhydrophobic properties with graphene nanoparticles. The nanocomposite obtained in this way surprises with excellent utility properties. Graphene is the material of the future, combining excellent strength with flexibility and chemical resistance. It […]

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Selected disinfection products allowed for sale in Poland

We are pleased to inform you that the formal procedure related to the registration in Poland of some of the disinfection products we have developed has just been completed. Our solutions, including using compounds based on active oxygen and nanosilver, have been approved by representatives of the Office for Registration […]

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Graphene – the material of the future is already in our offer

One of the most electrifying materials of recent years is graphene. The unique properties of this material and susceptibility to deep modifications create a wide field of application for it. The growing knowledge about this material allows us to approach the next civilization step. Flexible screens, ultra-sensitive sensors or super-fast […]

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New generation of superhydrophobic coating 9H

The continuous development of the protective coating technology allowed us to create a new generation 9H ceramic coating – Obsidian ELITE. This coating is characterized by excellent parameters. Gives superhydrophobic properties, outstanding slipperiness, glassy gloss and hardness exceeding 9H on the pencil scale. The advanced composition of the product guarantees […]

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Nanotechnologia w rolnictwie

A revolution in agriculture thanks to nanotechnology

The importance of nanotechnology comes from the fact that substances in nano scale, reveal properties that have never been seen before. Nanoparticles are usually very chemically active. They significantly exceed the activity of their analogs in the macro scale. They can also easily penetrate into the cells and interfere in […]

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