The ITP-System company offers services for the manufacturing and packaging of chemical products under our clients own brands. Broad experience of our company and a wide range of available raw  technologies allows us to manufacture products in unlimited colors and  packaging. It also allows you to customize the individual fragrance composition and substances that modify the final appearance of the products.

The production process in our company also allows for any modification of the concentration of active substances. It also allows the use of innovative additives such as colloids of nanometals, which guarantee antimicrobial properties, insect repellents, pearling substances, opalescent agents, thermochromic pigments, anti-static additives, foaming agents, wetting agents, hydrophobicizing, oleophobic substances and others.

Our clients have the option of full customization:

  • concentrations of active substances – the possibility of creating concentrates or final products from concentrates;
  • the appearance and content of the labels;
  • the names of individual products and the use of any logo;
  • colors in the full range;
  • fragrance composition in a wide range;
  • packaging to various containers (from 10 ml to 25L);
  • antimicrobial agents additives;
  • addition of substances that give special features – opalescent, pearlizing agents, frothers, anti-statics.

The products offered by our company allow for perfect adjustment of the appearance and properties to the requirements of customers. Our possibilities are limited only by your creativity!

More informations you can find in our catalogs and presentations!