Silver is a noble metal with strong antimicrobial properties, well known for hundered years. Ancient travelers and soldiers used silver containers for food and water to prevent infections. Fragmentation of silver to form of nanoparticles improove his unique properties and gives new fields of applications.

Silver nanoparticles easily penetrates microbes cells, causing serious damages to important structures. Due to this bacterias and other microbes can’t colonize surfaces enriched with nanosilver particles, and solutions contain nanosilve colloids (nanosilver suspension in solvent) can eliminate pathogenes. Nanosilver suspensions are much more active than ionic solitions of silver salts, especially in so-called “dirty conditions”, where impurities cause silver precipitation and radically decreases product activity. Metallic nanosilver is resistant to decomposition by UV rays (don’t changes color under sunlight) and don’t migrate from structure of enriched material.

The growing interests in nanosilver formulation are caused by outstanding antimicrobial activity of nanosilver, exceed conventional antimicrobial agents (silver works non-specific in opposition to, for example, antibiotics which are active for few microbes strains only). Exhibit also high durability and price-to-effect ratio due to low usage. Products enriched with nanosilver exhibit excellent activity in long period of time.

Nanosilver produced in ITP-System laboratories found application in multiple final products worldwide. Lot of tests and examinations prooved that our products have outstanding activity.

We are offering nanosilver products in various forms: colloidal suspensions or powders for industrial applications. Nanoparticles diameter is in range 5-15 nm (mostly 9 nm). Due to this our nanoparticles can deeply penetrates material structure and uniformly enrich final product. Such tiny size guarantee also high antimicobial activity even in low concentrations.

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