Heating technologies offered by ITP-System are characterized by high efficiency combined with the low power consumption. Thanks to this, heating elements manufactured in our company can be powered with energy coming from renewable sources (photovoltaic panels, wind power plants, etc.) and batteries, accumulators, fuel cells or power banks. Thanks to that, systems based on the heating elements we offer do not burden the natural environment and are characterized by low operating costs.

The  heating elements patented by us are in the form of flexible nanocomposite mats. Flexible heating mats are characterized by resistance to cracking, breaking and abrasion, as well as low thickness and the possibility of integration with textile materials, thanks to which they are used in, among others, special-purpose clothing. In addition, the flexibility of the material allows its use as a component of devices with a advanced shape, and with significant curvature of the structure. Power supply with a voltage not exceeding 24 V and it is safe to humans. There is also the option of composing heating devices to obtain rigid panels (in a “sandwich” form).

Innovative heating materials made by ITP-System are characterized by an unprecedented feature – an even distribution of temperature on the surface of the device. It eliminates overheating and underheating zones, encountered in resistance wire technology. This allows you to achieve greater control of the heating process and reduces energy consumption.

Heating elements ITP-System perfectly fulfill their function in devices where the use of traditional systems is impossible, unprofitable or cumbersome to operate.

They also allow to obtain heating properties for devices and elements that are heavily exploited in conditions of high humidity, where they guarantee high safety of use. The small mass of devices combined with their functional parameters makes it possible to achieve a new quality of heating.

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