The plastics and composites industry is characterized by constant and stable growth. The key trend currently prevailing is the far-reaching functionalization of plastics and composites in order to give them unprecedented properties.

The lot of possibilities for plastics modification is possible using innovative nanocomponents. They allow to obtain antimicrobial, self-cleaning, antistatic, hydrophobic and UV protection properties. ITP-System solutions also allow you to obtain composites with heating properties.

ITP-System products show high activity at low concentrations. They are also characterized by high compatibility with plastics and resins, thanks to which they are an ideal solution for producers who strive to develop their products without borrow high costs.

The ITP-System company offers a range of polymer mastersbatches from the NanoSilverGuard POLYMER series enriched with nanosilver for direct use in production. The used technology allows nanosilver incorporation to materials based on: PE, HDPE, LDPE, UHDPE, PP, PC, PVC, PLA, PGA, PMMA and others. Thanks to this, it is not necessary to modify production processes, but only to use a small additive in the mass of raw material.

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