ITP-System during numerous researches in the field of nanotechnology developed various products suitable for industrial applications. Some of the solutions are at the conceptual stage and others at the laboratory-research stage. We are constantly looking for business partners from different industries who want to join in the process of commercialization of the obtained solutions.

Cooperation with numerous representatives of diverse industries results in a constant expansion of the range of available products and technologies. We are also ready to undertake research and development work to improve existing products or develop new solutions based on nanotechnology and material engineering.

Many of the technologies developed by us are in pre-implementation and conceptual stages. We are constantly looking for business partners to commence commercialization of these solutions.

Of the nano-compounds and nanopreparations we receive, we can distinguish:

  •  CuO nanowires
    Potential application: advanced lubricants
  • Iron nanocompounds
    Potential application: plants cultivation, microbiology
  • Nano ZnO
    Potential application: cosmetics and veterinary products
  • Modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT)
    Potential application: mechanical improovement of composites
  • Hydrophobic additives for concrete in powder form
    Potential application: reinforcing steel protection against corrosion
  • Thermo insulating paints
    Potential application: thermal insulation of buildings and devices
  • Termochromic pigments
    Potential application: products with properties of active changing of color together with temperature
  • Antielectrostatic additives
    Potential application: antielectrostatic modification of composites and paint
  • Additives decreasing weight of composites without reduction of mechanic properties
    Potential application: additives for industrial production
  • Additives for electromagnetic field shielding and for UV rays absorbtion
    Potential application: additives for paints, lacquers and composites

More informations you can find in our catalogs and presentations!