Research and development works are important part of our company. ITP-System is based on experience of leading specialists in the field of chemistry, nanotechnology and material engeneering. In the result our research and development works are innovative recipes of various advanced products. Research is a core of our company and we succesful commercialised our advanced products and technologies. We are make solutions for partners requirements, that comes directly from market.

We are working in many projects together with leading research institutes in Poland. Results of common works are innovative solutions, giving unusual properties for market products. It provides new applications and new values.

We also have an experience related to the work with EU projects. Together with our partners, we successfully commercialized innovative products modified in the ITP-System laboratories in terms of giving them new functional features.

We are trying achieve our gols by materialisation of conceptions, unavailable by convetional way. In our work we aim to achieve best price to quality ratio.