Particles of nanocoatings produced in ITP-System are smaller than pores in protected materials. Thanks to this, they deeply penetrate the substrate and bind it permanently. They form a strongly hydrophobic layer, preventing the penetration of water and soluble salts, but allowing the penetration of steam and other gases. Thanks to this the substrate has the ability to “breathe”.

The ITP-System impregnants prevent the penetration of water into the substrate, are vapor-permeable and resistant to UV radiation, scratches and significant temperature differences.

ITP-System hydrophobic formulations have been developed mainly on the basis of water to limit the negative impact of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) on the natural environment. Limiting the need for frequent cleaning of protected surfaces, as well as safe methods of synthesis of preparations used by us allow us to join in the global movement striving to protect the natural environment.

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Product nameApplicationComments
ANTIFOGCoating with antifogging effect
CRYSTALEco-friendly, hydrophobic coating for glassWater-based product
GLOSSImpregnate for interior plastics with satin gloss
GRANITEUniversal, oil-based impregnate for smooth surfaces
GRANITE PROUniversal, oil-based impregnate for smooth surfaces with durable effect and strong hydrophobic properties
LEATHERHydrophobic coating for leather, nubuck and suede
OBSIDIAN MPCeramic coating with outstanding durability for metal elementsCeramisation during 16h that gives quartz layer
ONYXDurable hydrophobic and oleophobic coating for glass and glazed ceramicsCoating resistant to high temperature, abrasive damage and reduces fingerprint formation
ROCKSILHydrophobic coating for mineral surfaces with outstanding durabilityDurability min. 6 years
ROCKSIL CEHydrophobic coating for mineral surfaces with dimming effect
TITANHydrophobic coating for metal and plastic surfaces
VELVETHydrophobic coating for textilesSprayable product
VELVET ULTRAHydrophobic and oleophobic coating for textiles with outstanding durabilityRequires heat activation
VINYLImpregnate for exterior plastics
WOODSIL PROHydrophobic coating for raw wood with outstanding durabilityFull activation during 3 weeks