Microbial colonization is a problem since the dawn of mankind. Microscopic cells of bacteria or fungi show excellent capabilities allowing them to survive in any conditions. Places that are hard to reach, and which are excellent conditions for the microbial growth are called microbiological reservoir. A strong colony of microorganisms is maintained there, which permanently releases cells, thus allowing to infect further habitats.

The ITP-System company based on its own research and development works has developed a number of innovative formulations that provide permanent microbiological protection for all kinds of products. Components based on nanosilver, nanocopper, nano zinc nanoxide and nano titanium dioxide (IV) and their combinations allow to obtain products with active bacterial and fungal bacterial control in all conditions. Our research has shown practically zero migration of nanocomponents to the environment, which means that the additive used permanently remains in the product.

The developed nanocomponents not interfere in the production processes of products (they constitute a small share in the mass of the product and do not require the use of special devices).