The continuous development of the protective coating technology allowed us to create a new generation 9H ceramic coating – Obsidian ELITE. This coating is characterized by excellent parameters. Gives superhydrophobic properties, outstanding slipperiness, glassy gloss and hardness exceeding 9H on the pencil scale.

The advanced composition of the product guarantees the simplicity of the application. It is associated with a long time of drying and ceramization. It does not make a time pressure during installation It also limits the concentration of flammable and harmful vapors. What’s more, the 9H coating has anti-abrasives and chemical resistance. Layer resist strong alkalis (up to pH = 13) and acids (up to pH = 1). Correctly installed coating does not require using “top coats” – coatings reviving the hydrophobic effect after ceramization of the protective layer. Thanks to this, cleaning a protected vehicles (car, motorcycle, bicycle, plane, motor glider, scooter or boat) does not require the use of detergents – only cold water under pressure is sufficient.

Excellent resistance and slipperiness of the coating reduces the adhesion of dirt and spray paints. Thanks to this, it givese a protective function against graffiti. Due to the lack of volatile solvents, the coating can be applied even on polycarbonate or plexi glass, without matting effect. Thanks to this, the protected surfaces are less dirty and easy to refresh after vandals.

More information about the Obsidian ELITE superhydrophobic coating can be found in our catalog.