The OBSIDIAN GRAPHENE nanocomposite ceramic coating was created thanks to the combining of a new-generation ceramic coating with superhydrophobic properties with graphene nanoparticles. The nanocomposite obtained in this way surprises with excellent utility properties. Graphene is the material of the future, combining excellent strength with flexibility and chemical resistance. It is a microscopic carbon layer with unique properties. Thanks to this combination, we obtained excellent mechanical properties (hardness 10H), protective (chemical and UV resistance), antistatic and self-cleaning properties. Due to the advanced composition, the coating perfectly combines with the protected surfaces at the molecular level and works with temperature changes. The result is long-term protection of the car body against scratches, oxidation, corrosion, acid rain and chemicals, even under the most difficult operating conditions.


After the coating is applied to the surface, it is deeply cross-linked and ceramized (it produces ceramic particles, mainly quartz), thanks to which we obtain a nanocomposite coating with a thickness not exceeding 5 micrometers. As a result, the protective layer is a multi-component composite, containing cross-linked polymer particles ensuring flexibility, saturated with ceramic particles ensuring hardness and graphene ensuring chemical resistance. This combination guarantees an excellent effect for many years!

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