Nanotechnology is a collection of knowledge and advanced techniques that allow the production of substances and structures at the nanoscale. This means that each product produced has at least one dimension (in simplified terms – length, height or width) with a value not exceeding 100 nm (nanometers). If the obtained structure has three dimensions in the nano scale, then we deal eg with nanoscale spheres (eg fullerene). When two of them are on the nano scale, the product is a nanowire, nanofiber, a nanotube or another analogue product (eg a carbon nanotube). When only one dimension is on the nano scale, we deal with a nanolayer (eg graphene flake). For comparison – the influenza virus has a size of 80-120 nm, while the staphylococcus aureus (bacterium) reaches up to 1000 nm. How does a human cells look like in this comparision? Homan cell reach 6000 nm, and are only a part of a larger structure.