The construction industry never suffers from lack of traffic. New investments are intertwined with renovation and adaptation works. Silver and copper are an excellent distinguishing feature in this demanding industry!

Along with the growing demands for building services, consumer requirements are increasing. Safety for users often ranks first, outclassing the low price of building materials. No less important is the reduction of negative impact on the natural environment.

Unfortunately, producers of building materials usually compete only with price. This usually results in an extreme simplification of products that are based on cheap and simple solutions. Unfortunately, they are often very burdensome for the environment and users. Particular danger is generated by preservatives that often allergy and pollution the environment. To extend the shelf-life, manufacturers tend to use high concentrations of conventional preservatives.

The problem is noticeable and national and international institutions (including those from the European Union) have been focusing on its solution for years. Year after year there are growing restrictions for conventional preservatives. The amount of preservatives available on the market is constantly shrinking and producers should look for substitutes.


The ITP-System company, meeting the customers’ expectations, created a solution to this urgent problem. Colloids of copper and silver, used as an additive to building materials, allow to realistically limit the amount of preservatives used as a green alternative. The ITP-System laboratory has experience in the functionalisation of plasters, joints, adhesives, fugues, concrete, paints and varnishes. In order to broaden the spectrum of activity of finished products, we also have the option of incorporating nano zinc oxide for the purposes of microbiological protection and photocatalytic nano titanium oxide. Titanium also provides self-cleaning properties.

The use of ITP-System additives guarantees new functional properties. It also provides an excellent green alternative to conventional solutions.

More information can be found in the presentation:

Presentation – Nanosilver in plastics