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Ceramic graphene coating for the car body is now available!

The OBSIDIAN GRAPHENE nanocomposite ceramic coating was created thanks to the combining of a new-generation ceramic coating with superhydrophobic properties with graphene nanoparticles. The nanocomposite obtained in this way surprises with excellent utility properties. Graphene is the material of the future, combining excellent strength with flexibility and chemical resistance. It […]

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New generation of superhydrophobic coating 9H

The continuous development of the protective coating technology allowed us to create a new generation 9H ceramic coating – Obsidian ELITE. This coating is characterized by excellent parameters. Gives superhydrophobic properties, outstanding slipperiness, glassy gloss and hardness exceeding 9H on the pencil scale. The advanced composition of the product guarantees […]

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Footwear – a new quality of protection and care

There are not many part of our everyday clothing, that are so exposed to the adverse impact of the environment, like footwear. It has constant contact with moisture and dirt and is exposed to colonization by mocrobes. In addition, clean and neat shoes are the business card of his user.

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